Sunday, October 18, 2009


Hello generation, this post is addressed to you.

I would like to introduce you to my mind for a few moments if you don't mind. I would like to spend a few moments with one topic in particular: Childhood. Many experts have said that a persons childhood will shape the way the person turns out later in life, I couldn't agree more. I've realized that I've been getting very nostalgic lately, today it almost caused me to cry. Today I saw a picture of Digimon. I remember that the highlight of my weekend used to be coming home from a soccer game to watch Digimon, or Card Captor Sakura, or Sailor moon with my family. I firmly believe that it has been with the help of these that I have become who I am today. I am a geek because I've been raised on star trek references since I was five, anime since I was seven, the computer since before I knew how to type. All of this I am extremely thankful for, but it makes me wonder. If I am a product of what I have watched, heard and played since I was a child, what's going to happen to the next generation? Will stabbing become an acceptable way to end a conversation and no longer be considered rude? Will kid who can get porn since they first go the Internet with no difficulty at all (thanks 4chan) lead a lifestyle lead by gut instinct but not thought? Will we let this happen? The only way out of this catastrophe is in your hands. I'm not saying that all entertainment should be strictly monitored to the point of obsessiveness, but something decent should be put on the air again. Media is now only comprised of those who are willing to shout loud enough to make an ill-though point heard, or those who have spent so much time defending their points that everyone forgets what the original argument was. All cartoons now have violence in them, but not necessarily a plot or moral under tone *coughnarutocough*. I'm not the only one to point out these imperfections, so instead of ranting and complaining about it I think it's time for our generation to make a game plan, prepare to make decisions, and prepare to get others ready for the world.

My generation, I leave this up to you.

Don't fuck this up